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Life on a stick

Its been a while I last blogged, its about time i did.

So much has happened these past few months, I got a Laptop (finally), I've been to England then went to Cyprus for three months. One week before leaving Cyprus my laptop broke down (Its the last time I buy an HP). I went back to England then finally arrived back in SA.

Its now been almost 2 weeks since I sent my laptop to be "repaired" by Incredible Connection with their "Only Windows works" mentality. Even though I told the tech that it was freezing in both Ubuntu and Vista and on several occasions it would freeze before booting the hard drive.

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A month of silence

BarCamp Jozi BarCamp is here and it seems I'm one of the last to know. I'm not quite sure how I could contribute though but I'm open to suggestions.

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Mind games

Not so random thought:
It’s amazing how powerful your mind coupled with your emotions can be.

I’ll just leave it at that.

Now that I’m on the hunt for a job, I saw a nice web job at Canonical But sadly it wasn’t to be. So its back to the drawing board for me, hopefully I will find something soon.

On the project front I got my self a very small vps for VPSLink so at least I now have, among other things, shell access for those little extras my current host won’t allow access to. So look out for some Bazaar and maybe SVN repo’s in the near future. I just hope the Rand / Dollar exchange improves otherwise I’m going to have problems.

And finally it looks like Telkom are lowering there rates on ads line rental so there is some small glimmer of hope there.

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