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Software Galore

I like messing around with software especially Open Source Software. So I've decided to list some my favourite projects.

First up is Jabber I've actually like four (two servers and two clients) programs but for good reason as you will see. First on my list is Wildfire (server)and Spark (client), Wildfire (aka Jive Messenger when I first started using it) in the fist server I ever tried using, its a great piece of software and the feature
score (97%) on is well deserved. Through Spark and Spark
into the mix and you have a very well rounded enterprise jabber network ready to go.

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Spot the difference

Well I moved the site over to Drupal this week (If you have a Drupal ID you can use it on this site, if not... register and get one here). Not that there is anything wrong with WordPress its a great program, if you just want to blog with the odd extra here and there as far as content management goes.

In other news DataPoint is almost officially a CC not too long to go now, then I can then really get down to business. Moving on Google Talk can now interact with other jabber servers now and the Psi team are adding Jingle (Google Talk's VoIP library) to Psi. Early reports look promising.

Finally the South African search directory Jonga has disappeared off Google the search giant has yet to respond as to why it was taken off their search engine.

Update: Jonga is listed on Google again

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Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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Everything has to start somewhere...

So here we are. I've finally managed to find the time to restart the site (If you are wondering about the old site I had to change my company name to DataPoint) and as you can see its running WordPress. I was considering using Drupal or Nucleus but I settled on WordPress besides if I do switch at a later stage it shouldn't to much trouble (I hope).

As for the content of the site theres not much else yet, I'm still deciding of the best route to go. I'm not interested in using SourceForge or the like (However I wouldn't mind starting my own forge but I don't have a server... Yet). I'm more interested in the DIY type of setup.

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