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It's the little things in life that matter

As I casually strolled to my motorbike, my mind wondering a self-constructed maze of contemplation; what happened next was surprising.

On reaching my bike I proceeded retrieve my helmet and gloves from the topbox, while doing so I noticed a man and this small son (maybe 4 years old? I have never been good at figuring out such things).

I had seen the man and his son several times and one Sunday morning they had stopped to watch me ride off and listen to the sound of the bike as I left to go home (but this only occurred to me as I wrote this; I was still wondering around my maze).

All of a sudden I heard, "I can go ask him" or something to that effect, I immediately knew the man was talking about be and proceed to look up as he approached and ask if I wouldn't mind letting his son ride around the parking lot with me on the motorbike.

Without thought or hesitation I said yes, forgetting the resolution I had made not a week earlier to never take on passengers as I didn't want to be responsible for another person while riding. But there I was entrusted with this little life by two happy, and I'd expect nervous, parents - riding around the parking lot.

What I didn't expect before carrying out this seemingly simple request was the amount joy I would receive in granting it.

Today has been a good day!

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