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Oil on the road

So... I'm ridding towards a traffic light which is on a decline. I notice the road doesn't look right, it's darker than it should be, at this point I have one of two choices. Slow down or run the light... I opted to slow down as the dark patch appeared to be diesel.

Anyway gravity been what it is... on a decline... riding over the mysterious dark patch of road, I soon realised that there was only one way this would end. The back tyre of the bike whips out to my right seemingly in slow motion. I can do nothing but watch the bike slide out from under me as I glide along the road beside it before coming to a stop a meter later.

Now that I'm sitting on the tar I discover that the mysterious dark patch is in fact an oil slick, fresh oil too, covering a large part of the road. I took a couple seconds to make sure I'm OK; I got up and proceed to try figure out how I was going to pick up the rather heavy bike on an oil soaked road. At that moment a car stops beside me and a lady asked if I was OK and if I needed help. I told her I was fine and gladly accepted her help to pickup the bike.

A few moments later after the lady had left and I had checked the bike for any serious damage, I surveyed the road. There was little I could have done and in a strange way I think the oil actualy helped prevent injury but at the end of the day I'm OK although somewhat annoyed and the bike is fine barring a few new scrapes and scratches of course.

Riding a motorbike certainly keeps things interesting.

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