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Aegir / HipChat integration

I recently started using HipChat to centralise and broadcast notifications specificity for an Aegir server my company manages. The end result is the Aegir HipChat module which uses tasks like Verify, Migrate, Backup etc. to send success and/or failure messages to a room.

Here is a quick how-to to get you started.

  1. Download the module via git from (There are also BitBucket and GitHub mirrors available).
  2. Install the module into the /sites/{aegir.domain}/modules directory of your hostmaster installation.
  3. Enable the module (You'll find it under the Hosting section).
  4. Then to need to go to {aegir.domain}/admin/hosting/hipchat
  5. Add your Authentication token and room ID (you can use the HipChat API to get a list of rooms with their ID's).

The next two sections options in the settings allow you to select which messages get sent to your room.

  1. Select which task states your should send notifications (success and/or error).
  2. Then choose the actions you want to be notified about eg. Verify, Migrate, Backup.

Now all you have to do is run a task.

If error occurs with the HipChat API the error the error is logged through watchdog.

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