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Life on a stick

Its been a while I last blogged, its about time i did.

So much has happened these past few months, I got a Laptop (finally), I've been to England then went to Cyprus for three months. One week before leaving Cyprus my laptop broke down (Its the last time I buy an HP). I went back to England then finally arrived back in SA.

Its now been almost 2 weeks since I sent my laptop to be "repaired" by Incredible Connection with their "Only Windows works" mentality. Even though I told the tech that it was freezing in both Ubuntu and Vista and on several occasions it would freeze before booting the hard drive.

After all that I had told him he insisted that the laptop was designed for Windows and that I should reinstall Vista. I decided to humor him since my laptop decided it wanted to work again. The next day (Friday) I did the reinstall while I wished it would freeze up, it didn't, I decided I would move my laptop but as soon as I unplugged the power cable it jammed again and returned to its non working state.

I took it back on Saturday and guess what It was working again except this time I remembered it froze when I unplugged the power cable, so logic dictates the same should happen when you plug the cable in, and it worked. It froze and refused to boot, I just hope that who ever has got my laptop at HP have picked up on this.

After all that I decided to get a Sandisk U3 flash drive, for those that don't know the the U3 drives are designed to programs off the flash drive instead of your PC, I got rid of the proprietary software and replaced it with PortableApps I've now got almost all the applications I use daily running off the drive. So in a sense my life is on a stick at least until i get my laptop back.

Just to round things off I'm typing this on a Macbook, I must say its alot nicer to use then it looks and the new iMac just looks amazing. Although I still think they are overpriced weather I will actually get one remains to be seen.

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Thanks for the heads up on

Thanks for the heads up on PortableApps, it's great they are offering this suite for free.

And on a down note sorry to hear of your broken laptop woes. According to their database of 20,000 repair records, Notefix have cited Toshiba, Sony, and HP as the Top 3 brands needing repair.

What model of Hewlett Packard notebook is it? A Pavilion or a a Presario?

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HP Laptop Issues

A friend of mine had an HP Laptop (not sure on the model) and also had a power related issue, EXCEPT in his case, the laptop actually started smoking and melting where you plugged the power cord into it.  Could have started a fire.  I've seen a lot of computers fail, but never have I actually seen one MELT DOWN.  Like that.  He replaced it, and obviously didn't get an HP this time around.  He got a MAC.

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