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A month of silence

BarCamp Jozi BarCamp is here and it seems I'm one of the last to know. I'm not quite sure how I could contribute though but I'm open to suggestions.

Moving on... business is looking good, I'm working on getting that all important foreign currency comming in. I've been busy with four sites this month although two of them are mine so they have taken a back seat. I've been experimenting with Inkscape which so far has proved to be very successful, no Adobe Illustrator for me (its far too expensive), and having my work in SVG format is proving useful too.

Another major event, for me anyway, is that I have joined the team. I've dedicated a part of DataPoint's hosting to Open Source projects and this is the first project, I will also will be helping out with the website. Just in case you are wondering what on earth is it's a fully featured presentation application written especially for churches.

One last thing I need to rave about, it's the i-mate JAMin. It an amazing device, I really enjoyed my MPx200 but its run its course. Although it runs Pocket PC there is a lot of Open Source software for it like Python, Tk/Tcl and PyeditCE everything to build your mobile python applications. There is also Wengo phone, PocketPuTTY and KeePass just to name a few, I also now have a point of reference to develop stylesheets for mobile content. The only thing I have to do now is learn Python.

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if you want to get involved, join the google group over here: that's if you haven't already!


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