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Susan Cain: The power of introverts
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    It's the little things in life that matter

    As I casually strolled to my motorbike, my mind wondering a self-constructed maze of contemplation; what happened next was surprising.

    On reaching my bike I proceeded retrieve my helmet and gloves from the topbox, while doing so I noticed a man and this small son (maybe 4 years old? I have never been good at figuring out such things).

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    Oil on the road

    So... I'm ridding towards a traffic light which is on a decline. I notice the road doesn't look right, it's darker than it should be, at this point I have one of two choices. Slow down or run the light... I opted to slow down as the dark patch appeared to be diesel.

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    Nginx URL rewrites... the correct method

    Last night I was looking for the best way to impliment clean urls on a Drupal install in a sub-directory; naturaly I found the following code

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